Gabrielle Romero

Committed to working towards educational equity and solutions to combat poverty, Gabrielle is now completing her Americorps service year at an educational non-profit based in Los Angeles.

During her spare time, Gabrielle runs a Contemporary and Modern Folkloric Dance group with her mother to share and promote the Mayan culture and history. She has a soft spot for antiquated cameras and photography; she hopes to work on her technique as an amateur photographer and begin showcasing her latest project, Cara Linda.

Marco Herndon

Marco lives in San Francisco, and spends a lot of time these days focusing on being in the present after so many years of thinking about the future. He's an avid reader, and has long used books as a way of maintaining a connection to his mother's native Perú. If he's not eating ceviche, he's likely eating late-night Chinese or a good old plate of enchiladas.

Marco's passion has always been in supporting marginalized folks in achieving their dreams . He's currently working in tech, focusing on changing its culture and its relationship to Black and Brown communities. After work, you can find him sitting by the Bay, listening to the beat of the day.

Rudy Torres

Rudy is passionate about social justice work, plays guitar, and drinks damaging amounts of coffee for no particular reason. He enjoys writing about constructs of masculinity, language and identity, as a means of grappling with his own Latinidad.

For the past year and half, Rudy has worked in the non-profit sector, primarily in education, ensuring the success and persistence of first-generation, low-income students of color in college. When he's not working on As Told By You, Rudy is probably out dancing Cumbia, eating pizza, or running around East LA.